You might have never heard of the word “melamine” but you have for sure eaten on one in any of the restaurants. These are hard plastic organic compound and lightweight plates which are quite durable than bone china and any other materials. For learning more about the other type of materials, take a look at slateplate’s guide on what material to use for your tableware
Melamine dinnerware is hot and cold food safe plates and bowls; quite beautiful and it can be used for various reasons. These are quite beautiful, with variety of color ranges, and these are affordable.
While you are hoping to add something unique and different to your restaurant, then you can choose the melamine dinnerware.

There are a lot of benefits of using this kind of dinnerware.

They are as mentioned below –

Durability –

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying dinnerware for your restaurant. Restaurant use is quite rough – the busy schedule – the very urgencies you face every day in the restaurant—these things don’t let you use the dinnerware with love and care. This is why you need durable and shatter and break resistant dinnerware. Melamine dinnerware is a good choice in this regard. These are far better in terms of durability than china or ceramic. It can be regarded as your best long term investment.

You get a lot of Options –

We all want something less expensive, yet it should look good and expensive. Yes, melamine dinnerware is just like that. You get variety of options – from china like appearance – to different and various colors – along with various designs and vibrancy; these dinnerware can serve you many purposes. You can use them in various occasions, environments and applications. So it means you make one investment – and you can get variety of outcomes.

A lot of other advantage –

This dinnerware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, BPA safe and food safe. The dinnerware has great cold insulation properties and this is why these are ideal for cold food displays. You can easily use them for various bar, deli, buffet displays.

You save a lot of money –

As the melamine dinnerware is durable, and you can use them for various reasons, and you get variety of options along with variety of designs, you don’t have to worry about buying other sets of dinnerware and these can long last and you don’t have the headache of replacing the items over and over again. It is one of the best things about this dinnerware. These are quite affordable and long lasting. So you save a lot and lot of money. It is more like a good choice and a better long term investment than you do in other dinnerware kinds. Unfortunately, you can’t engrave your restaurant logo onto your plates, unlike the product that was linked.
Choosing the right dinnerware is for sure is very important for your restaurant. Make sure that you go through all the pros and cons of various unique dinnerwares. Consider yourself to be naïve while doing the research and try to learn various things. This is how you can get the best out of your choice of dinnerware.