Growing Vegetables At Home: Save Money on Groceries With Container Gardening

Growing Vegetables At Home

In an economic downturn such as we are currently in, sales of seeds go up. The New York Times ran an article on this direct correlation. A login is required to access the article online, but signing up is free.

Save Money on Groceries

People see the prices of food in the supermarket and read about the risk of salmonella poisoning from farmed tomatoes and think: let’s grow our own vegetables and stash the cash for the kid’s college fund or, more pragmatically, for the gas needed to get to the grocery store to buy milk. People will continue to buy milk at the grocery store. There is no correlation whatsoever between economic downturns and the purchase of cows; few people are gutsy and crazy enough to take care of a cow. Who has the space?

But vegetable gardening is another thing. Anyone can do it. The only space you need is someplace that gets direct sun, at least 6-8 hours a day, and a container. It could be something fancy like a terracotta planter with a classical frieze from the local garden center. But it could also be a wooden crate, a plastic laundry basket lined with a garbage bag, or even a pair of old leather boots. Anything. The only thing that the container must have is good potting soil and good drainage, as in holes drilled into the bottom to let excess water run out.

Container Gardening

The plants that will give the highest yield and biggest bang for your buck are the Mediterranean ones: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini.

Be sure to buy dwarf plants (also known as patio plants) for container gardening, as tomatoes are vines and peppers, eggplants, and zucchini are especially strong-minded; they will go all over the place in their full-blown forms. Also, look for small-fruiting varieties, otherwise the fruit can get large and too heavy for a container to support.

Basil and oregano and other aromatic, sun-worshipping herbs like rosemary and sage can be nestled into those same containers, making it easy to create restaurant-style meals with just a few snips. For a Caprese salad, layer tomato slices, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, and a drizzle of olive oil and you’re in business. The only thing not from your garden is the mozzarella and the purist could even leave it out and concentrate just on the full, summertime flavor of a tomato grown at home, steps from the kitchen. Delicious. And, over time, cheap enough that if your kid gets in to Yale, you might have the money to let her go.

Manan Malkani To Present Her Work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

Kolkata, KOAA – April 24, 2017

Manan Malkani, a leading Indian Painter, announced today that she has been invited to exhibit her paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Art Gala to be held at the Met is scheduled for the 4th of July, which is also the American Independence Day. Leading painters, sculptors and artists from across the world have been invited to showcase their work at this prestigious event.

Enny Charles, the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York stated, “Manan Malkani is the leading Indian painter whose work we look forward to when we talk about art from the heart of India. Since the passing away of M. F. Hussain, she is the representative of Indian folk art for the world. We have leading painters like Ed Ruscha, Yayoi Kusam, Vik Muniz, Richard Serra, Gerhard Richter, Takashi Murakami, Banksy, and Damien Hirst presenting at the gala. This year’s gala is being hosted by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and he insists on a global approach to art and fashion.”

Manan Malkani’s work will be on display in the East Wing of the second floor right next to the South-East Asian exhibit. She will be accompanied by the Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, whose collaborated work with Pottery Barn will be on display. Next to it, you will also find Tarun Tahiliani’s Mughal rugs which have been conceived as a result of his collaboration with Obeetee. India-meets-west is the underlying theme here and Indian fashion’s collaboration with western entities to conceive pieces of modern Indian art are going to be the main features.

This may be Manan’s first international showcasing, but not her last. She has also been commissioned to provide some of her finest pieces to be displayed in the Asian Art section of the Louvre and the Vienna Museum. Her paintings have been the talk of the Fashion town since her collaboration with Alexander McQueen. Her paintings were warp printed on to McQueen’s Spring Summer Collection of 2017-2018. The collection received a phenomenal response and is being hailed as the epitome of fashion-meets-art. The pieces chosen for the warp printing were to do with Manan’s depictions of the Indian tribes. Her Guernucu, La Peeta, Afroschoni, Pinog Noir and Matri are among the paintings chosen for the work.

About Manan Malkani

Manan Malkani is a leading Indian painter who emerged on the Indian scene in 1995. Born and brought up in Kolkata, she was home schooled by her mother who was a painter herself and her father, who was a leading practitioner of the Tabla and a famous Bengali folk music singer. Malkani then went on to finish her studies at the Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts before falling in the tutelage of the late M. F. Hussain.

Advantages of using Melamine Dinnerware

You might have never heard of the word “melamine” but you have for sure eaten on one in any of the restaurants. These are hard plastic organic compound and lightweight plates which are quite durable than bone china and any other materials.
Melamine dinnerware is hot and cold food safe plates and bowls; quite beautiful and it can be used for various reasons. These are quite beautiful, with variety of color ranges, and these are affordable.
While you are hoping to add something unique and different to your restaurant, then you can choose the melamine dinnerware.

There are a lot of benefits of using this kind of dinnerware.

They are as mentioned below –

Durability –

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while buying dinnerware for your restaurant. Restaurant use is quite rough – the busy schedule – the very urgencies you face every day in the restaurant—these things don’t let you use the dinnerware with love and care. This is why you need durable and shatter and break resistant dinnerware. Melamine dinnerware is a good choice in this regard. These are far better in terms of durability than china or ceramic. It can be regarded as your best long term investment.

You get a lot of Options –

We all want something less expensive, yet it should look good and expensive. Yes, melamine dinnerware is just like that. You get variety of options – from china like appearance – to different and various colors – along with various designs and vibrancy; these dinnerware can serve you many purposes. You can use them in various occasions, environments and applications. So it means you make one investment – and you can get variety of outcomes.

A lot of other advantage –

This dinnerware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, BPA safe and food safe. The dinnerware has great cold insulation properties and this is why these are ideal for cold food displays. You can easily use them for various bar, deli, buffet displays.

You save a lot of money –

As the melamine dinnerware is durable, and you can use them for various reasons, and you get variety of options along with variety of designs, you don’t have to worry about buying other sets of dinnerware and these can long last and you don’t have the headache of replacing the items over and over again. It is one of the best things about this dinnerware. These are quite affordable and long lasting. So you save a lot and lot of money. It is more like a good choice and a better long term investment than you do in other dinnerware kinds. Unfortunately, you can’t engrave your restaurant logo onto your plates, unlike the product that was linked.
Choosing the right dinnerware is for sure is very important for your restaurant. Make sure that you go through all the pros and cons of various unique dinnerwares. Consider yourself to be naïve while doing the research and try to learn various things. This is how you can get the best out of your choice of dinnerware.