Photo booth rental is now considered to be a very much sought after service by a huge number of individuals all over the world. The way they breathe new life to different parties and events make them well received to the public. Growing interest often results to a number of questions and inquiries that revolve around their services. These questions are often directed to a photo booth company of choice and their answers will reflect greatly on the quality of service they provide to their clients. Let us look at some of the top questions you should ask to photo booth companies before you decide to get their service


Does it Come with Props?


One of the highlight of photo booths are the vast variety of props they bring during their rentals. This in turn can make the pictures they produce more memorable as well as a joy to look at. Not every photo booth company however, may be able to bring props so it is important that you ask about it in advance. The type of props that you want to integrate to your party is also important as you may want filter items that may not fit your theme. Props play a very important role, as an example, see these Awesome and cool pics by this photo booth.


Will an Operator Be Assisting with the Photo Booth?

It should be noted that most photo booths in Melbourne, Australia are automated making them relatively easy to use. With that being said, having an operator to manage and supervise your photo booth will reduce the likelihood of encountering errors and other related problems during use.


Are there Customization Options with Your Photos?


Pictures from photo booths often stand out because of the huge customization options that they come with. For that matter, make sure to ask a photo booth company if the ability to personalize your photos is possible. This includes options such as adding the date and event name at the top or perhaps add the bride and grooms name in the photos which you can share to your guests.


How Long is the Optimal Time to Rent a Photo Booth?

Photo booth companies provide their services on an hourly basis. If you are expecting less than 100 people, renting a photo booth for 3 hours is optimal. On the other hand, for large attendance such as 300 people, you may to get two photo booth for three to four hours in order to accommodate your guests.