The squishy craze shows no signs of dying with it garnering the interest of many. Both young and old people alike enjoy collecting these toys making them a worldwide phenomenon. Let us look at some of the reason why squishies are so popular and has become a huge hit to many.

Squishies are well endeared by many and their huge success can be attributed to its cute size and shape. These toys are relatively small making them easy to carry around wherever you go. Their small nature does indeed draw the attention of a huge number of individuals. People love collecting cute stuff and as such, seeing a squishy collection is considered to be pretty normal in the present. In addition, squishies function as stress toys which helps relieve stress and muscle tension.

Squishies brings into the table a wide variety of unique and one of a kind designs people can choose from. The selection is indeed vast and expansive giving countless number of options to on what design they want to buy. This also helps them cater to the different tastes and preferences of each and every one their customers. Designs are very unpredictable which include the likes of bears, pandas, cupcakes, ice creams, sandwiches, hamburgers, fries and many more.

Aside from that, squishies have also grown in popularity because they are fairly cheap. These toys can range from a dollar or more. This in turn makes them very much accessible to their target audience. Because they are inexpensive, kids will be able to buy them without hurting their budget. With that being said, there are some squishies that are a bit more on the expensive end because they are rare. These however, are a bit harder to find and newcomers don’t usually mind their rarities.

The squishy phenomenon has taken the world by storm. Toy stores acknowledges their huge presence and this can be seen with them stocking up on squishies in large numbers. Several online stores have also taken a huge interest in squishies with them featuring these products over their respective store front. Looking up squishies online will yield you a great deal of results, squishies for sale here. In fact, you will not be finding any shortage of squishy related videos in YouTube with millions of views.

New squishy designs are introduced on a regular basis so it is never too late to begin collecting one for your own. Start your squishy collection today!