2007 - Mad or Bad


Break the conventions, break free, break your heart or someone else’s, take drugs, become a criminal, become a victim, wherever your fancies take you – are you mad, or are you just bad? You could look at trick or treat, crime and punishment, genetics and eugenics, or: simply consider Michael Jackson

Death by scrabble
A disillusioned husband expresses himself through the medium of scrabble – with unexpected consequences.

Mickey & Maria
Maria is at the birthday-party of her friend’s son where the kids are going crazy. She escapes the party, but she is followed by nine-year old Mickey, who calls her the woman of his life. Without success, she tries to get rid of the boy. She has…

In this stylish short thriller with Hitchcockian overtones, a man lies slumped over a bath, while above him looms the figure of a woman, a large knife lying at her feet. As the scene unfolds – running backwards in time – our surprise at what has…

The White, The Black
As you learn how to play chess always remember - your main opponent is not the chess pieces but the one who moves them.

Even if She Had Been a Criminal…
France, summer 1944. The public punishment of women accused of having affairs with Germans during the war… A cascade of images surrounding a central piece of found footage that is almost physically painful to watch.

Precision Diving Wheel
The ‘Precision Diving Wheel’ came about as a way to restructure a familiar fairground ride and make it a dangerous game. This Ferris wheel of small pools of water and a high diving board demands incredibly precise diving skills. Created from a…

In Tune
Through intricate choreography and to the sound of a piano three characters accidentally fall into a sequence of cause and effect, driving a minature musical journey to its climax.

When the Lights go out
In a poor country obsessed with making easy money, 100 bucks are enough to lose your mind for a couple of minutes. The members of a rock band come up with a bet: if you stick a light bulb in your mouth you can’t pull it out anymore. However absurd…

A tongue-in-cheek documentary about the strange sightings of an ape in a forest close to a small village in rural North-Eastern Poland.

Alicia’s Eyes (Los Ojos de Alicia)
Andrea wakes up in an empty room with her hands tied and her eyes covered. When she tries to sit up, a television switches on and a woman speaks out at her from the screen...

Mechanically Recovered Chicken
The story of a worried chicken and his salvation through the wonder of modern processed meat manufacture.

La Surprise
La surprise is a “non sense”-based Christmas narrative, which guides you through a soft and abstract dream world …. **the holy time blows you away**

Trina’s Collections
This short documentary celebrates San Francisco resident Trina Robbins (writer/producer of Go Girl! Comics) and her eclectic collections: girl action figures, super heroines, vintage aprons, rubber bath tub toys, saints, tikis, hawaiiana, and more.

Shantell Town
Shantell must step up and find her feet on the street in the battle to find out who’s ‘super bad’. A black hair story set in Brixton with a splash of 70’s Blaxpoitation.

The sea throws out a man in a deserted place. Bewildered and confused about his identity he walks to the shore, where he finds some strange objects... What will he do with them?

Coverage of the annual showdown between the soccer teams TSV Klappling : TuS Brotzendorf … heavily leaning towards the absurd.