2008 - Money Money Money


“Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. They have more money than we.”
(Dizzy Gillespie)

Think about the poor and the stinking rich, the stingy and the philanthropists. Think about what you could do with a million, but don’t forget what some people can do without a penny. You could explore capitalism, communism or globalisation. If you feel like it check out the price for a barrel of oil. If you think money can buy you love, then make a film about that. And what about haggling, gambling and shopping therapy?

What money is
This film is a re-edited version of found footage from 1947,which was produced to teach North-American high-school students what money is and how it works. This historical material emphasizes how little our society has changed. The values imposed by…

Not for good
An animated documentary about Jessica, a London teenager who has been thrown out of her home by her mother and is now dependent on social services. Jessica is tough but so is the system.

Trotzdem Danke
Armed with a bucket of water, a mop and a camera, Leinkauf and Wermke set out to give Berlin’s public transport system a good clean-up. They are met with astonishment, annoyance, smiles and frowns and finally narrowly escape being arrested.

Kupe and the whale
Exploring the connection between global systems and human mysticism, Kupe and the Whale is part of a larger online work entitled The Parallels Almanac www.parallelsalmanac.net - a fictional myth that presents a mystical, speculative interpretation of…

Apple & Ei
A musical approach to German Turks selling their wares on various street-markets around Berlin… Lütfen lütfen lütfen 2 kilo 2 2kilo 2 2 kilo 2 …

This supermarket horror film is based on George Romero’s 1960’s cult film Night of the Living Dead. In Zombie, an ordinary supermarket becomes a film set, where the shoppers become unsuspecting actors in a short but climatic horror sequence.…

Sådan far, sådan död (Like father, like death)
A young man meets his father for the first time after many years. The father left the family years ago and the son finds it hard to forgive. One of them brings a birthday gift to the meeting, the other one a gun.

The video,” Mydeath.com” (a.k.a. how to plan a funeral in 90 seconds or less) humorously asserts the Internet as the ultimate commodified marketplace. Recontextualizing images downloaded from various ‘death’ websites, the work celebrates the…

A beautiful sunny day. An old woman is counting her monthly expenses. Suddenly, everything goes dark, as if the end of the world had come. Still, she's going to find a solution to bring things back to normal.

Dr. Mori's teleshopping
Dr. Mori, a Japanese psychologist, is selling his brand new, Hi-Tech, revolutionary, completely automatic, state of the art HARAKIRI-KIT for the whole family! It is a sophisticated and beautifully designed suicide device that ends your life…

Pilgrimage to Yiwu
This short documentary is about the biggest market in China where most small commodities are produced. It follows the director, an interpreter and a trader on their search for the Mexican virgin of Guadalupe which is now mainly manufactured in China.

100$ in 100 seconds
In 100 Bucks in 100 Seconds, every second the camera shows a different perspective on the same action. The time passes sometimes slower sometimes faster. The measured time corresponds to the amount of money, but the experienced time extracts itself…

Per fare un tavolo (To make a table)
Taking inspiration from the famous Italian song from the 80’s, this animation analyzes ironically the terms of industrial production using a famous brand known for its environmental care.

Last hand standing
During an endurance competition to win a car, Gene falls in love with fellow competitor Tracey. But will she come along with him for the ride? A fable to the uncertain course of love.

Casitas (Little houses)
Casitas (Little Houses) tells the ironic and humorous story of a young couple and their chaotic adventure to buy their first home.

The bungee jump skeleton man
A fatal bungee jump shows the not so pretty side of commercialism. Hard-rock, hard rocks and hard-core.