Betting on Shorts: More than a Eurovision of Shortfilm 2009

Betting on Shorts (BoSs) is an annual short film festival/competition which brings together cutting-edge venues and film festivals across and beyond Europe in a unique simultaneous screening:  “More than a Eurovision of Shortfilm”.


Now in its fifth year, BoSs presents a selection of animations, narratives, documentaries and artist films from around the world in response to the theme Control.

When? Saturday 14 November 2009

Screening time 7:00 pm. (GMT)  – Betting time 6:30 pm. (GMT)

Where? Simultaneously  in Athens, Barcelona, Bucharest, Maribor, Novi Sad, Naples, London, Poznan, Stockholm, Thessaloniki and Wiesbaden.

The 2009 Theme: Control

Have you ever thought of your life as a walk on a tight-rope suspended between control and its loss? Keep walking, don’t waver, don’t lose your grip! Or just let go and savour the moments of weightlessness! Control has many shapes and measures. It can be mental, political, physical, social, scientific, strict, loose or something completely different. You might think about control theory, risk and stress control, mastery and skill, borders, surveillance and mind control, birth and pest control, Control panels, Ctrl Alt Delete, or just the remote control lying on your couch

The films are judged in each venue by a local jury and the overall favourite is awarded glory, fame and £500 in cash. But before the show begins the audience will be asked to bet on who will be the grand winner.

Bet on the right film and win various prizes!

Check out clips of the films  on BoSs website and local venues  from 7 November.

More details about the programme and venues to be announced soon.

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