Poznan, Poland. The venue


Kino Rialto
ul. Dąbrowskiego 38


Screening: 20:00

Kino Rialto is a one-screen, 248 seat cinema, one of the oldest still working cinemas in Poznań (opened in 1937). Cinema Rialto is a place where connoisseurs of non-commercial cinema can be sure to find an exciting programme of specially selected films. This includes a variety of independent film projects and several festivals. Since 2004 we are a member of Europa Cinemas and the Polish Repertoire

Theatres Network -  Sieć Kin Studyjnych i Lokalnych. We don’t sell Pop Corn.


The Poznan jury is
Piotr Bosacki
– an artist using various techniques, animated film maker, assistant professor at the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan

Anna Drewniak – specializes in cultural studies and political science, assistant professor at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, co-founder of the WSNHiD Film Club

Mathias Mezler – independent film-maker, cooperating with WTK Television in Poznan

Jacek Zydorowicz – professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (cultural studies), Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Darek Arest – film critic, publishing in Filmweb.pl and in ‘Film’ and ‘Activist’ monthlies

BoSs in Poznan is organized by
Szymon Stemplewski, Kinga Dembinska, Fundacja AdArte, Cinema Club Filmokrag