Bucharest, Romania. The venue


The ARK – Bursa Mărfurilor
Calea Rahovei 196 A, Uranus-Rahova area, Bucharest.

Screening: 21:00

It is the most recently restored patrimony building in Bucharest. It brings together a cluster of companies and independent organizations from the creative industries. DC Communication and Headvertising, the two developers of the project, have invited several other companies to join the ARK: Media Factory, Interactive Look , Re-ply , Space Syntax, the International Center for Contemporary Art (ICCA) and the “Radu Anton Roman” Initiative Group.


The Ark website

The Bucharest jury is
Irina –Margareta Nistor
(film critic)
Florin Piersic Jr (our last year contestant with Advertising)
Adrian Sitaru (film director, “Hooked”)

BoSs in Bucharest is organized by
Irina-Andreea Malcea, Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI)

and supported by
Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI)