Naples, Italy. The venue


la libreria delle donne
p.zza Bellini 72


Screening: 20:00

Evaluna is a cultural association interested in woman’s culture, that aims to promote artistic expression and creativity through participation and inclusion. Evaluna hosts all sort of events, talks, courses and seminars centred on women’s creative expressions and beyond. It includes a women’s bookshop, which is also a reference library that presents activities and collects reports from women’s associations around the country.

EVALUNA website

The Naples jury is
Anna Masecchia is a lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Siena and Arezzo and a collaborator of the Synapsis European School of Comparative Literature. She wrote on Carl Th. Dreyer, Chantal Akerman, Vittorio De Sica, Agnès Varda. Her latest book is “Al cinema con Proust (Venice: Marsilio, 2009).

Benedetta Bottino is a theatre actress. In 2006 she won the Premio Girulà for her performance in Shakespeare’s Macbeth directed by Carlo Cerciello. Amongst her latest performances, “Fear and MIsery in the Third Reich” directed by Cerciello at Naples’s Teatro Elicantropo in 2008.

Francesco De Cristofaro is a lecturer in Comparative Literature and Theatre Studies at the Federico II University of Naples. His research has been widely published on several academic journals. His latest works are a book on “Manzoni: Profili di storia letteraria” (Bologna: Il Mulino, 2009) and an essay in “La retorica dell’eros” edited by Stefano Manferlotti (Rome:Carocci, 2009).

BoSs in Naples is organized by
Gabriele Oropallo, Elena De Candia