Control -announcment

Control : Saturday 14.11.09





12 short films from 9 countries in competition and a simultaneous screening in 11 cities across Europe.  It’s all about Control and there is only one award. BoSs 2009 film prize £500 in cash.

Athens, Greece, MIKROKOSMOS Filmcenter – 9.00pm
Barcelona, Spain, L’Alternativa Film Festival, CCCB Hall – 8.00pm
Bucharest, Romania, The Ark – 9.00pm
London, England, Roxy Bar & Screen – 7.00pm
Maribor, Slovenia, KIBLA – 8.00pm
Naples, Italy, Evaluna – 8.00pm
Novi Sad, Serbia, Radio Café – 8.00pm
Poznan, Poland, Kino Rialto – 8.00pm
Stockholm, Sweden, Bio Rio – 8.00pm
Thessaloniki, Greece, art|house gallery| bar - 9.00pm
Wiesbaden, Germany, Exground Film Festival, Kulturpalast – 8.00pm

Join us at your closest venue, watch the trailers a, bet on the right film and you can win various prizes.
Make sure to be at least 30 minutes early if you want to bet.

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