and the 2009 winner is…

and the 2009 winner is… Memotech (Memotekid) Marianna Mørkøre & Rannvá Káradóttir, experimental, Faroe Islands, 2009, 5.52 min Memotech is an experimental dance short film, exploring the contrast between a minimalistic movement vocabulary and the overwhelming nature of the Faroe Islands. The film is shot on Super 8 in order to create a surreal and fairytale-ish [...]

Never Afraid – Sarah Sparkes solo show at crimes Town

Crimes Town Gallery, 110 Church Street, N16 0JX(gallery entrance corner of Yoakley Road) Opening night – 30th October 6-9pm Exhibition continues – 31st October – 6th December.  Open Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 6pm, or by appointment Buses: 73, 476 (from Central London to Church St), 149, 67 (From Hackney to Stoke Newington High St) [...]

Betting on Breakfast – Filmfrukost på Bio Rio 1/11 KL.11-14 – Stockholm

Kortfilmsfestivalen Betting on Shorts följer upp förra årets succépremiär med två fina filmhändelser på Rio. Söndag 1/11 blir det härlig frukost varvat med festivalfavoriter, en tysk animationswiz och unga svenska filmlöften – en perfekt försmak av årets festival 14/11! SÖNDAGENS PROGRAM KL.11-14 VACANCY – BETTING ON SHORTS 2006 Triangular av Bruno Simôes, Spanien/Portugal, animation, 8.12 [...]

GHost 2 – Call for submissions

GHost aims to address the various roles ghosts play in contemporary culture by bringing artists, writers, curators and researchers together for two workshops, so-called ‘hostings’ and an exhibition and screening of moving image art. The hostings will take place at the Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies and the exhibition will be hosted by St [...]

Summer’s Lease

E M M A – H I L L – F I N E – A R T E A G L E – G A L L E R Y 159 Farringdon Road London EC1R 3AL Tel: SUMMER’S LEASE Nick Carrick, Tom Hammick, Sarah Sparkes, Philippa Sutherland, Amanda [...]

Call for Submissions 2009

We would like to invite filmmakers from around the world to submit short films (animation, music video, artist films, narrative, documentary etc.) up to 10 minutes on the theme ‘Control’. Have you ever thought of your life as a walk on a tight-rope suspended between control and its loss? Keep walking, don’t waver, don’t lose your grip! Or just let go and savour the moments of weightlessness! Control has many shapes and measures. It can be mental, political, physical, social, scientific, strict, loose or something completely different. You might think about control theory, risk and stress control, mastery and skill, borders, surveillance and mind control, birth and pest control, Control panels, Ctrl Alt Delete, or just the remote control lying on your couch. We look forward to unexpected or surprising takes on the theme, but please don’t lose control of time – we can’t accept anything over 10 minutes! Well, yes we must admit…we are control freaks! We’re called “Betting on Shorts” because we invite our audiences to bet on which film will win. Bets must be placed before the screening based on a synopsis, filmmaker’s bio and short trailer. Please keep that in mind when you fill in the relevant fields on the entry form and provide us with a short but informative bio and synopsis. Submission deadline: 1 July 2009 [..]
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